The Best Earbuds (In-Ear Headphones) On the Market

Choosing the best earbuds could be a daunting task. If you are looking for inexpensive ones there are bunches of them available on the market. The key to finding the right earbud of your preferred choice has to do with selecting the one with the best value and caters to your preference. Every earbud on the market comes with specifications such as frequency response and the like. But, these specs can't help you choose, in anyway.

The best way to find the best In-Ear Headphones (earbuds) is to decide how much you are willing to spend and the extent of quality you are looking for. Then you should select the one which has a quality that deserves its price.

I've composed of a comparative list of the best earbuds you can find on the market.

The column header "value" in the list below describes the evaluation of the earbuds performance against their price.

By clicking any of the column header you want in the list below you can sort them.

Comparative List of the Best Earbuds

Earbuds Amazon Price Sound Quality Comfort Outside Sound Isolation Value Amazon Rating Fit Bonus features and Comments
Sennheiser CX200 Twist-to-Fit $19 Good clarity, Good balance Good Good Good 4.1 Could be troublesome, but could be fixed by trying out the variety of tip sizes
SteelSeries Flux (Added: 01/22/15) $49 Excellent all-round Very Good Very Good Excellent 3.9 Very good Includes Microphone
Symphonized NRG with Mic(Added: 09/08/14) $25 Very good bass, Very good sound stage, Very good clarity, Very good detail, Good balance Very Good Very Good Excellent 4.4 Good Includes Microphone. Attactive exterior wood design.
JLab JBuds EPIC $50 Excellent bass, Good clarity, Very good balance Very good Good Excellent 4.1 Very good Includes a universal microphone and track control. A one-year warranty is also added in the deal.
Sony MDR-EX210 $70 Very good bass, good clarity Very good Good Good 4.3 Good
Yamaha EPH-100 $150 Excellent balance, Excellent bass, Excellent soundstage Good Very good Very good 4.3 Good Includes a soft case
Shure SE215 $99 Very good bass, Very good clarity, Very good balance Very good, but could take getting used to figuring how to put it in your ears Excellent Very good 4.0 Good Includes a detachable cable and carrying case. Check with the manufacturer if a 2-year warranty is included in the deal as this may be the case.
RHA MA750 $108 Excellent bass, Very good clarity, Very good balance Very good Very good Excellent 4.6 Good Has an attractive appearance. It has a 3-year warranty and comes with a carrying case. If you want a mic you must pay around $130.
Sennheiser CX 300B MK II Precision Enhanced Bass $30 Very good bass, Good clarity Very good Good Good 4.0 Good carrying pouch and two year global warranty
VSonic GR07 Bass Edition $179 Excellent balance, Excellent clarity, Excellent detail, Excellent bass Very good Very good Excellent 4.4 Very good - has plenty of tip sizes
Etymotic Research HF5 $100 Excellent clarity, Excellent balance, Excellent detail, Good bass Good Excellent Very good 4.0 Very good Includes a protective carrying pouch. To get the best possible performance you should insert the tip deep inside your ears.
Bose IE2 $90 Very good balance, Very good clarity Excellent Good Very good 4.2 Very good
SoundMAGIC E10 $35 Excellent bass, Good balance, Good clarity Good after figuring out how to best wear it Good Good 4.3 Good after trying out the variety of tips

Top Three Earbuds

If you are looking for the best in-ear headphones you should consider how much you are willing to spend for them. Then you should choose the best ones which fit your preferences in terms of their performance.

Here are the best in-ear headphones available on the market.

JLab JBuds EPIC ($50; Amazon Rating: 4.1)

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JLabs have been in the earbud manufacturing industry for a while now and have come up with a newer version of their existing line of earbuds. JLab JBuds EPIC has a really high standard quality sound. It offers a great bass with clear and very balanced sound. The control and balance of this earbud is incredible for its price tag.

It is very comfortable and fit in your ears very well. It doesn't suddenly pop out and stays in your ears. For your convenience, it includes a universal microphone and track control. A one-year warranty is also added in the deal.

Okay, we are done with the cheap earbuds. Even if the earbud listed above might do the job and is among the best headphones in its price range, if you have more to spend there are even better sounding earbuds out there.

RHA MA750 ($108; Amazon Rating: 4.6)

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The RHA MA750 is the newest addition to the RHA line. If you are in love with bass-heavy earbuds you might find yourself enjoying this earbud very much. The bass coming out of this is excellent and fits bass fans. This earbud is not just suited for bassy tunes, but can also handle any type of music with grace. The sound is very clear and versatile.

This earbud blocks outside noise really well and is very comfortable. As always you should try the various size ear tips to find the best fit. As a bonus this earbud is built to please the eye as it has an attractive appearance. The thing that makes this earbud even more attractive is that it has a 3-year warranty and comes with a carrying case. If you want a mic you must pay around $130.

VSonic GR07 Bass Edition ($179; Amazon Rating: 4.4)

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Looking at the price tag of this particular earbud it might be hard to not bite your finger nails especially if you're not used to buying earbuds in this price range. It could be a bit risky to purchase such earbuds, but with reviews and information like this one available you can make the right choice.

Earbuds with a price tag as that of the VSonic Gr07 must hit the mark against the important aspects that makes the best earphones or earbuds available, special and worth investing in. You can put the VSonic GR07 Bass Edition earbud on a test against any type of music and will deliver to its best. This is because of its excellent balancing capability.

But, that's not it; the clarity of this earbud is very good with no static or annoying disturbances. You can hear the variety of instruments playing clearly and without overlap, because it is so detailed.

The VSonic GR07 Bass Edition is in fact comfortable and isolates outside noise very well. For the purpose of getting the best fit it comes with plenty of tip sizes. Bottom line, if you are serious about your music this earbud should be a definite pick.