The Best Earbud Headphones Under 100$ Comparison

You can't help but notice the more you spend on any product the more quality you would expect to find. Of course there are surprising outcomes in which even while spending more you don't get the quality you expect according to the price tag. And on the other hand after spending the least amount of cash you might get a product that performs as much or more than others costing twice or more.

If you really want your earbuds to sound amazing and be of high quality you should choose among the best earbud headphones under 100 dollars that do exactly that.

Here are the best earbuds under 100 dollars we've found that provide the best value among contenders in their price range.

Sony MDRXB60EX Extra Bass ($75; Rating from Amazon: 4.4)

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Sony in-ear headphones have done wonders by providing budget friendly options for headphone users. The quality and overall great performance of many Sony earbud models is what attracts the users. Be it comfort, sound or build quality many of the Sony earbuds just perform great against these features.

Although Sony has come out with many balanced sound profile earbuds Sony has also brought earbuds that emphasize certain sound profiles. For instance bass emphasis, as is the case with the Sony MDRXB60EX Extra Bass earbud.

Are you a bass fan? Well this particular in-ear headphone provides hardcore bass. But, that's not the only advantage of this earbud. This earbud is comfortable in the ears. It also has well outside noise isolation abilities.

Sony MDR-EX210 ($70; Amazon Users Rating: 4.3)

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Here is a Sony model earbud that has been received well. The Sony MDR-EX210 might cost higher than cheap earbuds available but, makes up for the difference in price by having a much more superior quality.

If you love heavy bass this earbud is a really good and rather inexpensive option as it delivers a strong bass. Any bass emphasized or any earbud for that matter should provide a clear sound in conjunction to strong bass which this earbud does a fine job at doing.

The Sony MDR-EX210 earbud is comfortable and offers adequate outside noise isolation.

Velodyne vPulse With Inline Microphone ($84; Rating from Amazon: 3.6)

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The Velodyne vPulse is a great value for your money. The Velodyne vPulse is in a similar league with the guys in this category but, has a prettier looking price tag, meaning it costs a bit less. Plus it has a volume controller and more importantly a microphone.

Its excellent sound is what makes you set your eyes on this piece. The strong power of the bass is one of the Velodyne vPulse's assets. In Addition to the great bass, the clarity is also really good.

The upsides, I have already mentioned what about the downsides. The major fall of the Velodyne vPulse is its tendency to not firmly stay in your ears if you happen to be exercising or running with it in your ears. While doing such activities it might not hold very long in your ears and might pop out rather easily.

Bose IE2 ($90; Rating from Amazon: 4.2)

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Bose IE2 is among the finest earbuds from Bose. It is an all-round good performing earbud. The sound quality of this earbud is great. It produces a clear and well balanced sound. Its sound stage is also really enjoyable.

What makes the Bose IE2 even more fun and worth the money are its other qualities. The comfort of this earbud is one of its best features. It also provides a good fit. The Bose IE2 comes along with a carrying case. This Bose model earbud is also available with a microphone included version but, costs a bit more.

Shure SE215 ($99; Rating from Amazon: 4.0)

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The Shure SE215 is surely among the best value earbuds in this price category. The shure SE215 has what the best earbuds must have to be considered worthy of your time and attention. This earbud provides a great powerful bass but, also delivers a balanced sound. The clarity of its sound is good as well.

If you want to isolate outside noise and fully enjoy your music or audio without the outside disturbance, a good noise isolation or cancelation feature is what you are looking for. And the Shure SE215 has a pretty brilliant outside noise isolation performance.

It could somewhat be a bit puzzling on how to properly wear this earbud but, it probably might not be that troublesome. The Shure SE215 includes a carrying case and detachable cable. If you want a remote with your earbud you can get the Shure SE215 with a remote included but, costs a bit more.

Hifiman - RE-400 ($99; Rating from Amazon: 3.8)

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The Hifiman - RE-400 is another earbud that should be recommended as one of the best value earbud priced around hundred bucks. What makes this earbud shine is its excellent clarity and the fact that it produces a very detailed sound. You can distinctively hear each of the instruments in the music you are playing while wearing this earbud, which brightens your experience even more.

The Hifiman – RE-400 is more suited for users that don't highly require a strong bass delivery. Although the bass of this earbud might not be that low it is not well preferred by bass fans.

Etymotic Research HF5 ($100; Amazon Rating: 4.0)

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So now we move on to our last pick in our round up of the best earbuds under $100. The Etymotic Research HF5 is a great earbud if you are looking for a well-balanced and quality bud. This earbud provides a very clear sound which is obviously an important factor and influences the earbud very positively. Another important factor is the detail. And the Etymotic Research HF5 delivers a very detailed sound. The bass performance of this earbud is not the strongest but, could be adequate for most.

Don't forget that inserting the tip of this earbud deep into your ears can make a noticeable difference in making the sound quality even more enjoyable. The sound isolation of this earbud is really good.

There might be some annoying wire noise coming through the earbud if you plan to use the Etymotic Research HF5 while doing more engaging movements. The Etymotic Research HF5 comes with a carrying pouch.

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